About Suchen SK

In one sentence, who is Suchen SK?

He’s a Malaysian photographer, sorry, photocrafter, who used to travel a lot, but decided to come home to Malaysia and concentrate on his photography and travels around Asia

Photocrafter? What’s a photocrafter?

Someone who crafts photos, obviously. Suchen doesn’t just take photos, you see. Give him a camera, any camera, and he will tell you a story with it. When you hire him, you’re not just getting an album or a collection of photos. You get a book of little tales that come together to create an entire novel of vivid emotions, dramatic imagery, and wonderful memories. Suchen doesn’t want to just take photos; he wants his photos to tell you or your stories.

Ok, but what’s he like in person?

He’s a pretty cool guy. You can usually spot him a mile away – he has a head full of long dreadlocks, and drives around in a 1973 Volkswagen hippie bus known as a Kombi.

Sounds like a, er, dreaded kombination.

Yeah. He bought and restored the Kombi himself, and even rents it out for events and shoots. He’s driven it more than 8,000km through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam and back, from Sabah all the way down to Sarawak and back… he’d probably have driven it around the world if he had it when he was doing all his travelling.

Travelling? What travelling?

Oh, you see, he loves travelling. In fact, Ever since he was born way back in 1974 in Perlis, Malaysia and grew up on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, Suchen always wanted to travel and see the world. So, one day, he decide to go to Australia, where he got a degree in music production. Yeah, he’s a qualified music producer too. How much cooler can this guy get, right?


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