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In one sentence, who is Suchen SK?

He’s a Malaysian photographer, sorry, photocrafter, who used to travel a lot, but decided to come home to Malaysia and concentrate on his photography and travels around Asia

Photocrafter? What’s a photocrafter?

Someone who crafts photos, obviously. Suchen doesn’t just take photos, you see. Give him a camera, any camera, and he will tell you a story with it. When you hire him, you’re not just getting an album or a collection of photos. You get a book of little tales that come together to create an entire novel of vivid emotions, dramatic imagery, and wonderful memories. Suchen doesn’t want to just take photos; he wants his photos to tell you or your stories.

The Classic VW Kombi
Photography Experience

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    Whatsapp no: +60 10 5555 665
    e-mail: suchensk@gmail.com

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    Clientele (just to name a few)


    National Geographic
    Malaysian Royal Family
    Reader's Digest Asia
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
    Ministry of Housing and Local Government of Malaysia
    HSBC - Malaysia
    CIMB - Malaysia
    Sarawak Tourism Board - Malaysia
    Sabah Tourism Board - Malaysia
    Hyatt Regency Kinabalu - Malaysia
    Sutera Harbour Resort - Malaysia
    The New Straits Times - Malaysia
    The New Sabah Times - Malaysia
    Breeze Magazine - Malaysia
    Nexus Resort Karambunai - Malaysia
    Muhibah Magazine of Royal Brunei Airlines – Brunei

    Homme Magazine - UK
    The Cambodian Scene Magazine - Cambodia
    Mega Magazine - Philippines
    Kalgoorie Miner - Australia
    Have A Go News - Australia
    FHM (For Him Magazine) – Malaysia
    LIME Magazine – Malaysia
    Adlan Press - Malaysia
    Zero Degree Magazine - Malaysia
    Zens Productions - Malaysia
    Kinabalu International School - Malaysia
    Imperial Medical Center - Malaysia